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CanCanteen Houthaven, Amsterdam

Your local place for food, work and fun.

From that (much-needed) morning coffee to a brainstorm on 'How to take the world by storm'. From a long lunch with friends to a neighbourly bingo event. And finally, from a lovely dinner to drinks and dancing. We'll bring it all together in the heart of your neighbourhood; the community at CanCanteen.


CanCanteen Houthaven

Houthavenweg 109

1014 ZA Amsterdam

Opening hours


8:00 am


11:00 pm

Tuesday tot Friday

9:00 am


11:00 pm


11:00 am


11:00 pm





Upcoming events

Van evenementen en workshops tot kappersbezoeken. Er is altijd wel iets gaande bij CanCanteen.

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Go full focus! Our co-working zones have everything any freelancer, student or professional ever needs.


Book our adaptable spaces for meetings or casual catch-ups. Designed for connection and collaboration.


From events and workshops to our-in house barber. There's always something happening at CanCanteen.

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About the founders: 
Galtjo Beek (founder) & Mike Pietersz 

Through years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have noticed that people have a need for a third place, a space to connect with others. Society and people's needs are changing. With CanCanteen, we aim to reestablish contact within the neighborhood in an approachable manner. A place to come together, where quality and simplicity define our service approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Where is CanCanteen located?

Our first location can be found in de Houthavens, at Houthavenweg 109 in Amsterdam. But we’ve got big dreams. So expect more CanCanteens to pop up soon. 

What are the opening hours?

We’re open all week. Drop by Monday through Friday from 8h00 am to 11h00 pm. On Saturday we open a little later, at 9h00 am, and we close at 11h00 pm again. Finally, you can come back here Sunday from 11h00 am to 11h00 pm.

Is parking available?

We don’t have a dedicated parking space. You can park in the neighbourhood. But we recommend walking or biking there.

Is CanCanteen wheelchair accessible?

We want for anyone to come by. So, yes, we made sure our space is accessible.

Do you offer Wi-Fi?

Of course, just scan the QR code on our drinks menu and you are ready to go!

Any other questions?